Get Funded PR - SEO

Crowdfunding PR is the most essential marketing strategy for any crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter and Indiegogo. It is proven to be the most effective way to reach your target audience and get backers from beyond just your friends and family. One crowdfunding PR agency called Get Funded PR has been shown to over deliver on their services.


Get Funded PR, founded in 2014, helps crowdfunders promote their projects by getting them featured on blogs and media websites. If you’ve ever wondered why some crowdfunding campaigns seem to be “famous” while others are hardly noticed, now you know why. offers plans available to crowdfunders that produce more coverage and exposure for a project. Getting featured on blogs, media outlets, and publications has the effect of going viral. If you want to be seen by thousands, even millions of people quickly then using a PR strategy such as the one offered by may be your match.


The PR team at Get Funded PR manages all your promotions during the course of your project. They manage the development of your marketing campaign, your PR content, and the implementation of a winning crowdfunding PR strategy. During your campaign you will see a dramatic increase in the number of backers and overall funding.


To get the best results for your crowdfunding project it is recommended that you start as early as possible. It takes time to get you great coverage. If you crowdfunding project has only a few days left then obviously that won’t work. Don’t wait until they are full either. Crowdfunding PR services are everywhere, but the truly good ones have limited spots available each week.


Get Funded PR is for crowdfunders who have unique ideas and projects. They can tell your story, often better than you can, and get your project picked up by them media quickly. It’s easy to get started with their PR services. Just enroll online at and let their team do the rest. For more information visit Get Funded PR.